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New & Used Jaguar spare parts Australia for sale.

Jaguar used vehicles for Sale 


Welcome to Jagworks Online Store. We are Jaguar enthusiasts and love everything about the marque. If you are interested in a Pre-loved Jaguar vehicle or require any parts, whether it be Jaguar new parts or Jaguar used parts, we can help you.  We are Specialist Jaguar wreckers based in Penrith, NSW, Australia & offer a large range of quality Jaguar new and used parts, helping customers with parts for most models. If you need something that is not listed, please let us know your request & we will be happy to help you.

P.S. - We have left sold itmes & vehicles on our listings for your general reference on information & pricing.

        (0419) 213 770                                                             (02) 4722 4422                                                       

PICT0197.JPG 6/4/2011PICT0211.JPG 6/4/2011

The attached photos are of our Race prepared JAGworks XJS V12 Twin Turbo which was campaigning in Marque Sportscar races. It had been raced at Mt Panorama Bathurst, Eastern Creek, Oran Park, Wakefield Park & Winton in the past seasons. If you would like any information regarding entering Motorsports or how to prepare your car for the track, please contact us.


How to go Racing on a budget - The Modern S-TYPES

Ever felt the Need for Speed? Well, most of us have from time to time but have done nothing about it. If I was to tell you how easy it is to go & have fun racing around tracks like Eastern Creek, all for less than $5-6,000.00 (including the car), would you be interested in coming & having a go? You will need nothing more than a Cams Licence Level 2 (costs $130.00 PA & purchased online with NO tests), JCDA Club Membership & an average day entry cost of $220.00. Please read on further & I will explain in as simple terms as possible what you will need to do. Bring on the Modern S-Type!

I had been using a 3.0 litre V6 Automatic as a daily driver & I thought that I would enter the car at CSCA round at Wakefield Park down in Goulburn. I couldn’t believe that “out of the box” so to speak, how good the car was to run around the track even as an Auto. I then entered in the next events at Eastern Creek & again had a ball achieving 190kph down the straight I did nothing to the car except performing a mechanical check to make sure that it was safe for the track. 

Over the years we have all had a great time, made some very special friends for life & always had a great time around the track. If you have ever wanted to give this a go & always thought that you needed a full on race car – this not the case. We now have a Class within the CSCA Supersprints that suit our Modern V6 S-Types. I won the Class last year & actually won a trophy! Haven’t done that for a while.

At the end of the day after having a heap of fun, you pack up your car, insert a CD into the stacker, turn back on the Air Conditioner & set the Cruise Control for the trip on the Freeway. Oh – I almost forgot to mention that you can use the car during the week to go to the shops or even as a ute! You can find a good Modern S-Type these days for around $5- 6000.00. This represents a great value considering that they were around $100,000.00 when new. There are cheaper ones available but you would probably have to spend some money on it bringing it up to par, so it is worth buying a good one to start with.

If you want to know more about how to do this with a Modern S-Type, please ring me on (0419)213770 & I would be happy to have a chat. REMEMBER – when buying a car that is ONLY driven to the SHOPS by a little old lady during the week, her grandson was racing it at the Creek on the weekends!

Regards, Bruce Grant


Jaguar Spare Parts (New & Used)

JAGworks has been operating for over 22 years from Goulburn, NSW, Australia, wrecking all models of Jaguars. From January 2008, we have relocated to Penrith, SYDNEY, NSW under New Management. We are now diversifying  into New Spare parts & Used Jaguar Car Sales offering a large range of selected vehicles. 

In 2010 we have purchased the remaining new stock from a Jaguar Spare Parts specialist's - XJ Auto Spares, whom had been trading in Sydney for the past 30 years. There is a huge range of items that they had remade, such as suspension & engine mounts, radiator hoses and even rubber door seals which has enabled many Jaguar owners to keep their pride & joy's on the road. Over the coming months we will list as many items as we can for you, but if there is something in particular that you are looking for please don't hesitate to ask, we may just have it !.

We are wrecking all of the following models of Jaguars and have many parts on the shelf from previously wrecked vehicles:


XJR X308 (V8), X308's, XJR X300, X300's, XJ40 3.6 4.0

S-Type (New & Old), X-Type (3.0ltr, 2.5ltr & 2.1ltr),

XJS (All models), XJ6 & XJ12 (All models),

Mk2 & Daimler 250, 420, Mk10 & 420 G

E-Type (All models limited)


Most New Parts avialable for the following:

1948–54 XK120, 1951–57 Mark VII (& VIIM), 1954–57 XK140, 1955–59 Mark 1, 1957–59 Mark VIII, 1957–61 XK150, 1959–61 Mark IX, 1959–67 Mark 2, 1961–66 Mark X, 1961–74 E-Type, 1963–68 S-type, 1966–68 240 & 340, 1966–68 420, 1966–70 420G, 1968–87 XJ6 Series 1, 2 & 3, 1972–92 XJ12, 1975–96 XJ-S, 1985–92 XJR-5 through XJR-17, 1986–94 XJ6 (XJ40), 1992–94 XJ220, 1993–94 XJ12 (XJ81), 1995–97 XJ6 & XJ12 (X300 & X301), 1997–06 XK8/XKR (X100), 1998–03 XJ8 (X308), 1999–08 S-type, 2001–09 X-type, 2004–09 XJ (X350), 2006–present XK (X150), 2008–present XF, 2009–date XJ (X351), 2012–present F-Type.



Jaguar Vehicle Sales

JAGworks now offer Used Vehicles for sale that have been through our Specialised Jaguar Workshop and have passed our safety inspection. This ensures that any vehicles that we offer for Sale are more comprehensively checked by experienced Jaguar mechanics, than any one you would buy privately. Jaguars for sale & Jaguar spare parts are available for inspection by appointment from our Penrith premises,

Motor Dealers License Number: MD: 027299



Featured Products

Thumb_PICT0222.JPG 6/4/2011

SOLD - JAGUAR1984 XJS HE V12 Sports Coupe

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SOLD - JAGUAR X308 SPORT 17" wheel & tyres-Upgrade your V8 or replace your Metric tyres

SOLD - JAGUAR X308 SPORT 17" wheel & tyres-Upgrade your V8 or replace your Metric tyres

Price: Click to see price