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JAGUAR 3.8 Mk2 1965

***VERY RARE Original Manual***

Coombs Style Modifications

"The looks & the sound of the 60's" 



This beautiful Jaguar Mk2 3.8 Manual fitted with Electric Overdrive is in excellent condition inside and out.  This vehicle has been modified as per the Coombs vehicles were back in the 1960's. I will list in more detail below what has been modified, whilst being aware that it can always be set back up as to original factory setup.


These are the most desirable of all the Mk2's & certainly the most collectable. There was an identical vehicle that was an Auto & on wires wheels, sold in Sydney for $36,000, so an original manual with matching numbers will always be the most valuable & the best investment. For those that are not up on the history of the Mk2 Jaguar, we have attached a brief overview for your perusal.



Ask anyone to draw a classic Jaguar, and chances are it'll be something resembling the Jaguar MK2 that is still drawn 50 years down the track. Adhering to William Lyons' maxim of "grace, pace and space", the Mk2 was a beautiful, fast and capable saloon car. Based on the earlier 'Mark 1', the new Mark 2 crispened up the lines and brought a sharp-suited style that was missing on the earlier car.


Gone were the overly chunky window frames, and a larger glass area was the welcome result. The rear axle track was widened, the wheels now filling the arches much better than on the narrow track Mk1. Dunlop disc brakes now featured both front and back. Three engine sizes were available - 2.4, 3.4, and the 3.8, all XK engines naturally. The 2.4 was more of a laid back plodder, although its sweet sounding engine could still drag the Jaguar to 95mph on a good day. Mid range was the 3.4 and to many the best engine of all. Stealing the glory however was the 3.8, offering yet more urge and was popular with Police forces of the day (often to be seen chasing bank robbers in similar cars!). The Mark 2 earned a reputation for breaking down class barriers, and was owned by city bankers and bank robbers alike.


Few changes to the Mk2 were made after its launch in 1959. In 1968 the brand new XJ was introduced, and it was at this time that the Mk2 was downgraded somewhat, in terms of interior and exterior trim grade. The 2.4 was now the 240, the 3.4 now known as 340. The final Mk2, the 240, bowed out in 1969. Also based on the Mk2 bodyshell was the Daimler V8 250. This was aimed at customers that were now under Jaguar's wing following their takeover of the historic marquee in 1960. This car used the bodyshell of the Mk2 but fitted with the cracking little Daimler 2.5 all-alloy V8 power plant. Also available as an automatic or (rare) manual, it too disappeared from production with the 240 Mk2 in 1969.


Over the years of production the Mk2 was always very successful on the race track and made many a touring car racer famous. To this day they are still raced with great passion and widely appeal to all spectators. This only enhanced the charm with the beauty in the design of the Mk2, and its glamorous associations with contemporary E-Types and XKs. The Mk2 would receive a great deal of TV publicity thanks to the Inspector Morse series, further raising its profile in the eyes of the enthusiast and general public alike.



I will list the details of the vehicle below:

  • Vehicle repainted (we were told that the paint shop charged in excess of $10,000) about 10 years ago & still looks like it was done yesterday. It has a couple of very small marks, but nothing that takes away how stunning it looks overall.
  • Engine is a 3.8 litre from a Mk10 that is fitted with the crossflow head & tripple carbies. We still have the original 3.8 enging block & gearbox housing that has the orginal factory matching numbers as per the ID plate in the engine bay.  The original overdrive vehicles also have "Overdrive" printed in the steering column that lights up with a red light when in operation.
  • Timber in very good condition.
  • The seats are in very good condition & have been fitted with the Series 1 front reclining seats which are much more comfortable than the original Mk2 seats. They have been recovered in leather & are matching to the original rear seats. Most people when seeing the vehicle believe that they are original in the vehicle.
  • Specially fitted with a Watts linkarm rear end. This was a very popular modification whereas the live axle the LSD Diff is used with a coil over shock arrangement which allows much more flexibility than the original setup.
  • Fitted with brand new set of Minlite style wheels & tyres.
  • Larger capacity alloy drop tank fitted.

In summary this is a great looking vehicle & is a great opportunity for someone to finish fitting the vehicle up to their standards, let alone the investment factor. Unfortunately we don’t have time to complete a project like this at this moment & it is very rare to see a project like this come along these days.


Buyer to contact me within 24 hours and must place a 10% deposit to secure the vehicle.  If you need any further details or want to make an appointment to inspect please contact me on (0419)213770.


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