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 JAGUAR 1986 Series 3 XJ6 Auto Sedan - Unleaded fuel 
We will include all parts to repair for the "Buy it Now" price. 
This vehicle was purchased by our company with the intention to dismantle,  but is in far too good condition to wreck out & deserves to be put back on the road. It still drives fine & feels very sound. The damage is very minor & has not even marked the bonnet or the passenger side door. This 1986 Jaguar XJ6 is factory fitted with the Unleaded version 4.2 litre fuel injected engine combined with the very strong 3 speed BW66 Automatic gearbox. 
These vehicles are quite rare because it was only in 1986 that they were fitted from the factory with the unleaded engines & fuel tanks. You can tell these cars because they had higher fuel caps compared with the earlier vehicles. It is finished in Ice metalic blue & overall it is in very good condition. 
The car is Australian delivered & complianced 11/1986. Inside the car has Doeskin leather and walnut wood grain combination which is in good condition. The dash face is as new & has no cracking at all, whilst some of the lower dash timber has cracked & would look better replaced. The vehicle has a wooden steering wheel fitted but if the buyer wants an original wheel we would be happy to supply. The seats have covers fitted but without lifting off totally, look in poor condition. The back seat has some marks & small tears. The door cards are in excellent condition. We have listed elsewhere on eBay seat sets that would suit this & make it a lovely vehicle inside.
The areas around the front & back windows that normally rust badly, are in good condition, with only a couple of small areas showing in the photos need of rust attention. There is also a rust repair needed near the fuel tank.
Mechanically the vehicle drives fine & everything appears to be working OK. The air conditioning is all working fine & blowing cold air. The only faults that we can see are on a cold start the exhaust gasket needs attention & that the breather to the front of the engine is not secured properly & has caused some blow back on the engine. The speedo appears to be stuck on the odometer, so we cant state how far it has travelled past this. Obviously because of the damage, we have not been able to test drive it on the road but it feels very tight driving it up & down the gravel drive which is a great test in itself. 
  • 4.2 litre engine - this model came from the factory ready for unleaded fuel, so there was no worry about using additives in the fuel.
  • CD player with 10 stacker fitted in the boot.
  • Factory electric sunroof.
  • Pepper Pot factory wheels & good tyres.
  • Original Tool kit as shown in boot photo - missing some tools.
  • All the usual Jaguar features that you would expect such as Power steering, Central Locking, Climate control Air Conditioning.
  • Vehicle is being sold unregistered, but was still currently registered until December 2009 showing that is was still roadworthy & hasnt been sitting for years.
Buyer to contact us within 24 hours and must place a 10% deposit to secure. We reserve the right to relist or offer a next chance to the next highest bidder if a deposit is not received or other arrangements are made.
Please note that you are bidding to purchase & not for the right to view. If you need any further details or want to make an appointment to inspect please contact Bruce on (0419)213770.
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