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PLEASE NOTE: Project being reoffered without the Harrop 'Group A' Brakes or 'Group A' Speedline PERKINS/BROCK wheels as we were approached by someone who was restoring an original Group A Larry Perkins Commodore & we felt that these parts were better suited for that vehicle.
We have adjusted our pricing down to suit.

had a fire in the back half
 Project SUIT rebuild

Up for sale is:
  1. 1 x XJS V12 Twin-turbo race car (burnt back half) Motor, gearbox & front end untouched.
  2. 1 x XJS 1977 Australian compliance plate, body sandblasted & two pack primed. Complete body including doors, flared guards & boot(boot not sandblasted). All glass & chrome trim. Interior trim, dash & side door trims. Lights front & rear. There is rust to be repaired (as you would expect when sandblasted & there are some panels supplied to help with repair)
  3. We have the original TWR moulds for the front bar, rear bar, side skirts & boot spoiler when needed (Please ask for separate kit pricing).

This is one amazing race car. It is currently Cams log booked for Marque Sportscar racing. We have been lucky enough to campaign it at Mt Panorama Bathurst, Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park & Winton in VIC.

It was originally built by Gary Walker Jaguar in Sydney & was one of three that he built with the Turbos. The most famous of the 3 was the Black one he built for Kerry Packer, so he could blow his mate John Laws off in his Porche - so the story goes.


It is fitted with a 5.3 litre V12 engine with Cosworth sump, race rods & forged pistons. It was built by Paul Zazern when he was running Caulfield Jag in Melbourne. The engine was specifically set up for the turbos with low compression pistons & cams to suit. Over $35,000 was spent on this engine build & that didn't include the accessories. 

A Motec computer management system was also used which was installed in 2013. It is also fitted with the Jerico 4 speed race dog straight cut gearbox taken from a Nascar racer from the USA which was the only gearbox that would hold together with the 550hp at the back wheels.

As stated above we have sold the wheels & brakes because any setup can be used on this project. Supplied are both rear axles, hubs & outboard brakes fitted with ventilated rotors from a V8 XJ8. We would recommend using newer technology front 6 pot callipers with large ventilated rotors for the front brakes (these are available for approx $3500.00 we can help with supply)   
We have fitted 17" 235 wheels to move the vehicle around & it was fitted with 10" wide rims.

The engine was fitted in 2010 when we raced in the Marque sports racing with the FOSC at Bathurst which consisted of four races of eight laps. The other events we entered were our Club super sprints style events which consisted of mainly six-lap dashes. We entered 1/2 dozen of those each year until the fire in 2013. From that time our intention was to rebuild the vehicle but unfortunately, life got in the way. The engine was still very strong & had plenty of life left in it.

I will list some of its features below:

  • V12 5.3 Engine - rebuilt specially for the turbos with low compression pistons, Cosworth rods & sump, Cams & head to suit turbos.
  • Jerico race gearbox - straight cut gears with dog clutches - same as Nascars use.
  • Davies Craig 110 electric water pump which was set up to continue circulating until cooled.
  • Motec Computer & Coil pack
  • Choice of original XJS front seats or New SAAS race seats (1 x fixed bucket & 1 x tilt back seat to allow access to the rear)
  • Outboard rear brakes
  • New Speedhut Instruments with GPS speedo/ tacho. Has our logo on it but can be easily modified. New 4 pint race harness in date to 2023
  • Twin side exhausts
  • Full Cams approved Roll Cage
  • Full Cams Marque Sports race logbook

If the project was pulled apart, which we would hope not to be the case, the following prices are an indication of what price would be asked.
  • Engine & accessories inc radiator, intercoolers, tailshaft & exhaust plus Motec computer - $15,000.00
  • Jerico gearbox - $4000.00
  • Front-end with shocks, heavy-duty sway bar less callipers - $2000.00
  • Rear-end LSD Diff with outboard brakes - $2000.00
  • Spare body sandblasted, Two-pack primed & spares as listed above - $4000.00
  • Front glass spoiler & glass bonnet - $1500.00
  • Full roll cage -$1000.00
  • New Speedhut instruments & race belt - $1500.00
  • Brake & clutch master cylinders & pedal bow - $1500.00
  • Seats race or XJS - $500.00
  • Total $31,000.00
I was going to rebuild this vehicle using the sandblasted body & the parts we took of the donor body. The motor, gearbox & frontend are untouched by the fire & we were going to rebuild the rear end because it had the fire which damaged all the rubbers.

The rebuild was to be done so it was road-legal vehicle so it could be placed on Club Registration which is only $50.00 per year for 60 days driving. The plan was to fit all the lights, blinkers & set the vehicle up so it would pass a roadworthy inspection. This meant that it could be driven on the road to the track & home again.

I was toying with changing the colour as can be seen by the multi-colours sprayed on the side but did end up deciding to put it back to the original iconic British Racing metallic green. 

The following was an independent article that was written when I was going to sell the vehicle before the fire.

This is a regretful sale & is only being offered due to the fact that I have chronic health issues. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Buyer to contact us within 24 hours and must place a 10% deposit to secure the vehicle. Please note that you are bidding to purchase the vehicle & not for the right to view. No warranty is either implied or given in respect to this vehicle. All purchasers are encouraged to make their own inspections. If you need any further details or want to make an appointment to inspect please contact me on (0419)213770.

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