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JAGUAR S-Type 1999 SPORT 3.0ltr V6 MANUAL Getrag 5 Speed
CHEAP Track race club car (see how-to below)
- 1 of 7 left in Australia


This rare 1999 Jaguar S-Type V6 SPORT 3.0 litre 5 Speed manual sedan, is in very good condition inside & out. The vehicle is Australian delivered & Australian compliance with service full books from new with low kilometers. 

I have been using the vehicle for Club Supersprints with the Jaguars Drivers Club of Australia. We have done the following upgrades to make the vehicle safer for the track & to help with the reliability.

  • Nangkang NS2R 235 x 17" semi-slick tyres on all 4 original Sport wheels - have only done 1 run & they are still like new. These offer good road use & better grip on-track. Spare is an original sport wheel with a Federal semi-slick tyre.
  • Upgraded water expansion tank to our alloy tank instead of the plastic which always heat cracks & leaks.
  • Oil breather catch tank.
  • Air intake tube updated to breath better
  • Red Stuff EBC pads replaced recently all around which offer enhanced braking.
  • Full 4-point 3" racing harness with original seatbelt still in place to drive normally.
  • Clutch recently replaced.

This vehicle is fully optioned with CATS suspension as this was the Sport Model.

We will list some of the vehicle's features below:

  • Full Australian Delivered Log Books & service books.
  • Key with remote entry fob - working.
  • Auto Headlights - will switch on Automatically if set on when dark. 
  • Sunroof - 2 way.
  • Cruise Control - adjusted by steering wheel controls.
  • Radio controls on timber steering wheel & CD has a 6 stacker fitted.
  • 5 speed Manual Getrag Gearbox. 
  • Sport 17" Mag wheels & full-size spare wheel (no space saver)
  • The vehicle drives very well 
  • Air conditioner works well & is nice after a day on the track to drive home with.
  • Great looking vehicle & certainly looks much more value than the asking price.
Please note that you are bidding to purchase the machine & not for the right to view. If you need any further details or want to make an appointment to inspect please contact me on (0419)213770. 

NOTE: The last two photos are showing our green S-Type manual on the race track. 
 Cheap motor Racing - Bring on the Modern S-Type! (Article IS taken from Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia)

I have been using a 3.0 litre V6 Automatic as a daily driver which has been a great car. I call it my Ute, as I can fit two XJ8 bumper bars in the back with the seats folded down. I have always been impressed with the way the car handled, with a great set of round about’s near work that when taking the racing line, the car always felt really good. I thought that I would enter the car at CSCA round at Wakefield Park down in Goulburn. On-road tyres I had an absolute ball & was very impressed with how well the car handled the track.

I ended up trying the car again at Wakefield Park with some semi-slick tyres & had an absolutely great time. I couldn’t believe that “out of the box” so to speak, how good the car was to run around the track even as an Auto. I then entered in the next events at Eastern Creek & again had a ball achieving 180kph down the straight I did nothing to the car bar the semi-slick tyres for grip & perform a mechanical check to make sure that it was safe for the track. It is lucky in the S-type that they are fitted with a full consul that stops you sliding across to the passenger seat (unlike the Mk2!) The only other thing I have done to the car is fit a full harness to stop from sliding around in the seat.

I was so impressed with the Modern S-Type that I raved about it to anybody who would listen. A few people in the club DID listen & also bought a few Modern S-Type to run around the track. They also couldn’t believe how good the standard S-Type was “Out of the box” & how well it performed on the track. We have had a number of runs in the CSCA events & had a great time chasing each other around the track.

I ended up locating a Modern S-Type 3.0 V6 manual car over in Perth which I knew was a very rare car here in Australia, with only a handful delivered new by Jaguar, as most sold were automatics. I had this car shipped over from WA & had very high expectations as to the difference this manual would make to my track times. I fitted my semi-slick tyres to the car when I got it & also fitted the harness seat belts, then took it out on the track hoping to cut my times by 2-3 seconds which is quite a lot of time to save. Well, what can I say but how I was utterly disappointed in myself when my time at Wakefield was exactly the same time as in the Automatic, down to 100th of a second! All this can tell me is that in the Auto I was wringing its neck as hard as I could & you don’t need a Manual gearbox to go any faster.

You may ask, what is your point from this article? Over the years we have all had a great time, made some very special friends for life & always had a great time around the track. If you have ever wanted to give this a go & always thought that you needed a full-on race car – this not the case. We now have a Class within the CSCA Supersprints that suit our Modern V6 S-Types. I won the Class last year & actually won a trophy! I haven’t done that for a while. 

At the end of the day after having a heap of fun, you pack up your car, insert a CD into the stacker, turn back on the Air Conditioner & set the Cruise Control for the trip on the Freeway. Oh – I almost forgot to mention that you can use the car during the week to go to the shops or even as a ute!

You can find a good Modern S-Type these days for around $5- 6000.00. This represents a great value considering that they were around $100,000.00 when new. There are cheaper ones available but you would probably have to spend some money on it bringing it up to par, so it is worth buying a good one to start with. A set of seat belts will cost you a couple of hundred dollars & I am using Federal Semi-slick tyres which are worth $180.00 each. If you want to know more about how to do this with a Modern S-Type, please ring me on (0419)213770 & I would be happy to have a chat.

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